Hi everyone, my name is April and I'm so happy you stopped by our page.  I am a southern girl from the great state of South Carolina. I am married to a wonderful man who I'm lucky to call my friend and business partner. Photography is a way to express myself, combine my artistic talents and capture special moments that will always be remembered! I enjoy what I do, always thinking of fun and innovative ways "behind the lens" to change lives and  bring joy to families everywhere. I don’t want to be a famous photographer, but I do want to use the gift God has blessed me with to make a difference and create happiness in people’s lives. That is my drive and motivation!


So what does photography mean to me??????

Balance – I am fully committed to the care of my family and providing excellent products to our customers.

Creativeness - Stay in touch with my inner self to tell a story through my perspective.

Commitment – I work around the clock daily reviewing, sorting and editing photos.

Interpersonal – You deal with different personalities and you have to be flexible to understand their end goal.  Some may not like your work and will complain no matter what. You have to be resilient, turn that negative energy into something positive and put your best foot forward.  I'll admit, I make mistakes and I’m not perfect.

Money – You don’t do it for the money. You do it to make clients and potential clients happy! Photography in itself is expensive, but if you do for the sheer desire  you will be compensated for the effort and quality work you provide.

​So, for those who think it’s easy, it’s not! There is a lot of work, preparation, time, research and expenses that go into photography to get the perfect product.  I work diligently to satisfy clients by using creativity, thinking outside the box and listening to them. This is who I am.  God bless you!